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Flintoff 10545581


Bradman A747001

There will also be caption words associated with each image eg Trent Bridge, Australia, England, Man of the match, 2005, &c not all of which appear in the Keyword Dictionary. You can search for these too.

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2007 World Cup = 3075

A word about the numbering system:

It is possible to search by number, so if you can crack the number code, a certain Test match can be identified.

The first four digits of most of the colour photographs are coded as follows: by country of origin (according to the table below); the year (final two digits of the year); and then the match code.

1 (E) = England, 2 (A) = Australia, 3 (W) = West Indies, 4 (I) = India, 5 (P) = Pakistan, 6 (Z) = New Zealand, 7 = Sri Lanka, 8 = South Africa

(the letters were generally in use up to 1989, the numbers from 1990 onwards).

Test matches are numbered 1 to 6 (latterly 7 - blame the authorities !); one day internationals 7 (latterly 7 or 9); three/four day county cricket 8; one day county cricket 9; miscellaneous 0.

Thus a prefix 1051 would indicate a photo taken in England (1) during 2005 at the 1st Test.
would indicate a photo taken in Australia (A) during 1975 at the 3rd Test (1975-76 season).