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The image library now totals some 500,000 photographs taken over a period of forty years. New original material is now digital, and has been since the summer of 2001. Before that, nearly everything was shot on 35mm - black & white negative and colour transparency film.

Nearly 13,000 of these images have been scanned and can now be searched for here just enter your request in the box marked Search (to the left). The other 487,000 originals are awaiting digitisation, and it may take us some time to complete the task, we are working on it.

High resolution images cannot be downloaded from this web site, they are all "low res". If they are available on it, you can download from "The Patrick Eagar Collection" on Getty Images.

If not available on Getty Images, you may make a lightbox from this website. If you email your "lightbox" to us, we will endeavour to supply the high resolution files you need as soon as possible. Alternatively, just give us a call or an email to discuss your selection. Images can be supplied on CD or sent to you by email or to your ftp site.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please phone (020 8940 9269) or email :


The size of most of our digital files from original transparencies and negatives is A3 or A4 (300 dpi). If you need a larger file than this, then please specify when ordering.

Current digital files from the Nikon D2X & D3 (2005 onwards) are, full frame, 36cm x 24cm (300 dpi) or around 35MB. The Nikon D810 (2014) produces a whopping 103MB file - 62cm x 42cm (300 dpi).

Earlier digital files from the Nikon D1X (2001-2004) are, full frame, 25cm x 16cm (300 dpi) - around 17MB.

Some digital images may have been cropped and the file size will be smaller than these figures. Most are JPEGs, but where the original images are RAW files, these file sizes can be increased.